And the soul felt its worth…


“Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth.”

I love this line from the carol O Holy Night.  Our Soul wants to feel of worth, of value. And we all search for that worth. We can rush around life looking for it in status, possessions and prestige, in appearances and position. But inevitably they fail and let us down. They fail to provide us with a true sense of our intrinsic worth. Or even if we think in one aspect of our lives we’re nailing it, we can be sure that a litany of faults, failures and mistakes will crowd in and take over. Value, worth and significance is not found on this earth, but in Christ.

In Christ we find our inestimable worth. We discover how much we are valued, cherished and loved by the God who created us in the first place. And in that we find the meaning of Christmas. It is often quoted that Christmas is a time of giving, but actually it is really about receiving. Receiving the gift of the Son of God. Receiving the Saviour who covers our imperfections, failings and sin and to give us grace, forgiveness and redemption. And gives us our worth.

I am forever grateful for God’s unconditional love of me, for the gift of His Son – my Saviour

Definitely Good News and glad tidings of great joy!

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