Life Lessons

A Fairy Tale Ending

Who doesn't love a Fairy Tale with a happy ending? Throw in a Prince, gorgeous costumes and settings and you have a winner! A night out watching the new Cinderella movie certainly delivered! No rewritten unusual takes or dark downsides, Cinderella got her Prince and her happy ending. And my girls' night out did not disappoint and I was… Continue reading A Fairy Tale Ending


Do you see what I see….?

Ok, so the lyrics of a Christmas Carol have inspired me! It's funny what songs you find yourself singing at random times! But it's a good question! Although don't worry the answer isn't taking me down a Christmas inspired route with tinsel and bells, but rather to the mirror. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do… Continue reading Do you see what I see….?

Life Lessons

Look at me!

Being the summer holidays we've been having a lot fun and amongst other summer activities we have explored a lot of different playgrounds. No matter the playground though, it is only a matter of time before my 3 year old is calling out to me to "Mummy, look at me! Look at me!" His enjoyment at the playground definitely… Continue reading Look at me!


And the soul felt its worth…

  "Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth." I love this line from the carol O Holy Night.  Our Soul wants to feel of worth, of value. And we all search for that worth. We can rush around life looking for it in status, possessions and prestige, in appearances and position. But inevitably they… Continue reading And the soul felt its worth…


What colour is the wind?

I was recently gifted a CD from a lovely woman of God. Listening to this gorgeous CD there was one particular song that captivated me. Titled “what colour is the wind”, the song is about a blind boy singing to his father what he knows of the colours of the world from what his father has… Continue reading What colour is the wind?

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Beautiful Weeds

As we turned into our driveway, it seemed that my son and I noticed the length of the lawn at the same time. We had two very different reactions though. Mine was the obvious one - make mental note to talk to hubby about mowing the lawns! My 6 year old's was to shout gleefully… Continue reading Beautiful Weeds

Life Lessons

Do you see what I see?

Things to children are never what they are to us. They see the world differently. That's certainly the case with my boys. Driving along the waterfront, to my 6 year old,  it's not Rangitoto Island we're viewing, it's Tracy Island, home to the Thunderbirds. It's not just a plain cardboard box, it's a briefcase for a super hero costume… Continue reading Do you see what I see?