What colour is the wind?


I was recently gifted a CD from a lovely woman of God. Listening to this gorgeous CD there was one particular song that captivated me. Titled “what colour is the wind”, the song is about a blind boy singing to his father what he knows of the colours of the world from what his father has told him. I was particularly taken with the lines “I know each colour, its shape and size, I’ve seen them all, with my Daddy’s eyes.”

This little boy saw the world through his father’s eyes. And it was a world injected with love. His favourite colour was gold – the colour of his father’s love for him.  

The question is, do we look at the world through our Father’s eyes – through God’s eyes? Do we see the whispers and demonstrations of God’s glory through the sunset and the sunrise, through the rainbow and the stars at night? Do we see others as God sees them? Do we see their potential, the gold, the treasure in each and every person?

More importantly, do we see ourselves as God sees us? How would He describe us? You can be sure that He’s not focussed on our limitations, our failings or our faults. He would say – fearfully and wonderfully made, the apple of His eye, His treasured possession, my child. He would say I’m more than a conqueror, a co-heir with Christ, the head and not the tail, chosen. And most of all LOVED.

Loved by Him.




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