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Ground Hog Day


Last night my husband and I watched “Edge of Tomorrow.” Without giving away spoilers, the main character ends up having to relive the same day over and over. It could be seen as a Sci-Fi version of Ground Hog Day.

Today I had my “Ground Hog day” moment. Sweeping the Kitchen floor, I found myself saying “didn’t I just do this…?” Hmmm….yes a lot of my day and I imagine everyone else’s is repeated every day. Routine, familiar and yes repetitive. The getting up at the same time each morning, the various routines we all go through to get ready for the day. Maybe the same route to work, the same chores or tasks in running the household. And yes for me, the partaking of coffee!

Our days are often interspersed though with added highs. Celebrations of birthdays, of Christmas. Catch up with friends, fun activities with family. Or other adrenaline rush activities – like being chased down the mall because oops I forgot to pay for my coffee! (I’d just like to add, I was not alone in that!)

Our character is revealed and forged in the day to day. How we handle to chores, the traffic, the piles of washing. How we handle life at the coal face. Rick Warren wrote this “Character is revealed in a crisis, not made in a crisis. Character is made in the day-by-day, mundane, trivial things of life — the routine. Character is developed there.” Paul Tripp said, “If God doesn’t rule your mundane, then he doesn’t rule you. Because that’s where you live.”

More importantly, in these routine and dare I say mundane moments, God is still present. He does not limit Himself to the mountaintop experiences of glorious corporate worship or quiet times filled with revelation. As we go about our daily tasks He is waiting to be found. If we incline our ears we will find Him speaking to us.

4 thoughts on “Ground Hog Day

  1. And for that constant presence, I am eternally grateful. In this world, I can’t imagine having to go a minute without Him at my side. God bless.

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