Life Lessons

Dream. Create. Be


I’m standing in a tiny pharmacy, waiting for my prescription. Unlike the large Pharmacy around the corner that sells a wide range of products from toys to makeup and scarves, this pharmacy pretty much sticks to the medical essentials – the prescription drugs, the off the counter medicines, first aid treatments and vitamins.

The Shop assistant is busy making a colourful display for the fish oil tablets. Not your most interesting or inspiring of products.  The bottles are bland – white with plain typing. But the girl puts her all into the colourful crepe paper display encasing them., hoping to draw your attention to them.

As I wait, she confesses to me, she just loves creating displays and proudly shows me her Mother’s Day display for foot gel pads. Once again not the most exciting product. But the display was beautiful.

I can imagine she dreams of creating Store Front windows of the poshest Department Stores. And maybe she is destined for Saks 5th Avenue or Harrods. At the moment though, she is in a tiny little pharmacy in a seaside suburb. But she is making the most of what she has and what she can do.

You may not be where you dream of being. You may not be even close to fulfilling the big dream. But start. Begin. Create. Work with what you have and that dream comes a little closer.

(I’ll let you know how good it is to take fish oil tablets!)





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