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There seems to be road works on all sides of us at the moment. Roads are closed and detours put in place on two of the routes we use frequently. Ironically, on one of the detour routes there were further disruptions due to road works occurring on the detour road! Not that the boys minded as they got to watch the trucks and diggers doing their thing as we waited for permission to continue along the road. So as it turned out our normally uneventful trip home had a very boy focused side show. And also to their delight they got to listen to the complete gangnam song track (it’s rather long!!).

Life is full of detours to our dreams and plans for life. But we don’t have to let them become road blocks. Charlotte Gambil once said “Don’t let failures or detours turn into a road block. Instead use it as a step up. Learn the lesson & climb on! ” Good advice there I’d say.

The thing is, while the detours can take us by surprise they don’t for God. Have you ever heard a GPS stressing out when you miss the planned turn off? The GPS just readjusts the journey with the destination staying the same. The narrartor voice stays calm and composed in the verbal instructions. No panicking or getting annoyed (probably better than some people, myself included!) God is the same! His focus is still the end destination – He knows how to keep us on track and readjust our journey if need be.

Sy Rogers puts it rather eloquently (??!!) – “GOD wastes nothing: He has devised a system in which distasteful discarded manure becomes valuable fertilizer to make things grow. Clue in!”

We know that that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

God uses the detour to take us to the destination. And maybe. just maybe we are enriched by the diversion?

2 thoughts on “Detours

  1. “God uses the detour to take us to the destination. And maybe. just maybe we are enriched by the diversion” Yes…. I think detours are always meant to enrich our relationship with God because they make us depend on Him and trust Him when our own plans seem to go off course and we must walk in faith with Him. Great post!

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