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Distraction in Disguise


I’ve taken to watching “The Voice Australia”. The “battles” have started as 2 singers are pitted against other, singing the one song. At the end of it the Judges select one contestants to go through to the next stage. This week, two very different singers were paired for their battle. The first was incredibly extroverted and confident. She had an amazing stage presence and a very clear plan as to how she was going to play her part. She completely dominated the rehearsal. The other singer was more reserved, quiet, with a gorgeous voice. She was however, being unnerved by her competitor and was shaky as to how she could even compete. Joel Madden pulled her aside to give her some advice. He said don’t let your competitor pull you into what she is doing, or for you to try to be like her. You need to remain true to who you are and not to get distracted as to what the other contestant is doing. If you allow yourself to get distracted or try and copy what she is doing you will lose.

Soon it was crunch time. Both girls were on the stage. The first contestant kept to her game plan and dominated the song. Two of the judges commenting that they couldn’t keep their eyes of her. She had energy, she demanded their attention even when it was not her turn to sing. She owned the stage.

The other contestant though, stayed steadfast. She remained herself. She didn’t try to emulate, imitate or copy the other contestant. Her stage presence was serene and controlled. Her dance moves more sultry and slow. Her voice engaging. She did not flinch or react to her competitor.

At the end, despite two of the other judges preferring the first contestant, Joel Madden chose her. And the main reason was that she had remained true to herself, undistracted and undeterred by the other contestant. He valued her strength to be herself.

Comparisons are distractions in disguise. They make you take your eyes of your own strengths, dreams and destiny. If we try to be like someone else, we will at best just be a good copy. But if we stay true to who we are, we will be an original. Christine Caine said this “Don’t chase what is not yours. Save your energy for your purpose.” When we compare ourselves to to others we waste our energy on what would be better spent on our own challenges and opportunities. God has a beautiful plan for each one of us – a creative best that we can accomplish.

Stay true to who you are.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

2 thoughts on “Distraction in Disguise

  1. I’ve walked this lesson late last year, consumed with other people that I thought were better than I was, more dedicated, talented, better Christians, better people and just how I was rubbish and they were great.
    It was a lie, they were not better necessarily, they were being themselves, who God created them to be. He called me to stop comparing, being jealous and to start looking at what He had placed in me.
    Comparison and jealousy are destructive.
    Great post and that is my life verse at the bottom by the way.

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