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Conversation with a Cab Driver

London Cab

It is not often that I get to hail a London Cab and say “Heathrow Airport” please. But a few years ago, I was in London for work, and I got to do just that. My bags were loaded into the iconic cab and I settled back for the journey to Heathrow.

My cab driver, as it turned out, was rather chatty on the 40 minute ride to the airport. And after the preliminary small talk about where I was from, and where I was heading, he then shared with me his testimony.

Not knowing whether I was a Christian or not, he shared how on one such Airport run, he happened to comment to the passenger about the weight of her suitcase. To which she replied, it was full of books – Bibles in fact. She was a missionary off to Asia. They talked, and she shared her faith and why she had felt led to be a missionary, and he shared his doubts on God. On arrival at Heathrow, she opened her suitcase and gave him one of the Bibles and departed.

In his words, while waiting for the next fare ride, he decided to read a bit of the Bible, for the lack of any other alternative, he ended up reading the Gospel of John. By the end of the Gospel, he was in tears, in his cab, as he encountered the love of God for him. And right there, right then, he became a Christian.

I wonder if the Missionary ever found out, that before she had even stepped foot on the land she was called to, before she had even boarded the plane that was to take her there, she had already made an impact on the world and pointed someone towards home, towards God.

That’s the thing when we share our faith, when we testify to the goodness of God, we don’t always get to see if our words have made a difference. We don’t always get to hear that our words put someone on a path to salvation. The important thing though, is despite the lack of “feedback” ,that we do continue to share, that we do testify. You never know the impact your testimony, your words can have.

There’s someone out there, on the other side of the world to me, driving a cab, sharing his testimony. And who knows how many passengers have been impacted by what he says. I sat in the back of the black cab that day, my mind less on the deal I was working on, and more on the unknown missionary who had made a difference in this driver’s life.

You just never know.

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