Life Lessons

Mums on the run!

I am set free

There’s a first time for everything they say. But there are some things, a lot of things, that you don’t ever expect or want to experience. Today, I had one those experiences. I was enjoying a late morning coffee with my sister, (if midday can be considered late morning!) after a morning of errands, or should I say shopping, when I was accosted by a shop employee with two security guards in tow. Apparently my behaviour in a shop an hour earlier had led them to believe that I had stolen a handbag. Yes I love handbags, and blush, yes I had bought one from the said shop, but no I had not stooped to stealing it! As it was, at $12 it was a steal anyway! I produced said receipt, and was left dumbfounded as to what else I could say to attest for my innocence. Finally and fortunately they left.

Forget that I just heard a great message on not getting offended! The obvious confrontation in the middle of the mall left me wanting justice, wanting to protest my innocence and right the wrong that had occurred. I was not carted off to jail but the public accusation left me unsettled and yes somewhat miffed. It certainly left me at no loss of words as to what had happened.

It’s definitely hard when we’re unfairly accused, when our character, our reputation is slighted, to remain quiet. But there is one who did remain quiet. Quiet as He was falsely accused, as His character was maligned. He remained quiet as He was mocked, quiet as He was insulted. Worse still, He was beaten by His accusers. And then, this innocent, blameless one was judged guilty, condemned and crucified.

No harm came to me today. It was a trivial matter. But it has prompted me to think how strong and brave My Lord was to stand and say nothing in His defense. Knowing the consequences, knowing what the outcome was to be. Knowing that the path was to continue to the Cross. He remained silent for me!

My song is love unknown,
My Saviour’s love to me;
Love to the loveless shown,
That they might lovely be.
O who am I,
That for my sake
My Lord should take
Frail flesh and die?


2 thoughts on “Mums on the run!

  1. love this! (the writing, not the incident) cant wait to hear you retell it on a sunday 🙂
    and how funny that it was connected to a handbag… that had to be a God set up right….?

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