3 thoughts on “The magic of beginnings

  1. Hi there,

    I loved this post and wanted to share it, although it was linking properly. So I saved the picture and used it on my blog. I put the URL in the picture description, but it doesn’t seem to be visible. I don’t want to plagiarise or anything, it was just so appropriate to what was in my heart today. So if you have a suggestion as to how I can fix it, I would be happy to edit or fix,



    1. Hi Janene, I got the image off pinterest, so given you were able to get it onto your blog, you’re all good 🙂 I’m not up with the how to’s of linking the urls etc!! 🙂 I loved the quote and image – so great eh! So glad it encouraged you as well and that you get to share it around too! Blessings Philippa

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