Life Lessons

Happy Father’s Day


Tomorrow we celebrate Father’s Day in New Zealand. A fantastic opportunity for me to celebrate my Father and my husband. For me it is a day to take time and pause to acknowledge these 2 great men in my life. Father’s Day is a great opportunity, for Fathers everywhere to be celebrated and thanked.

There are other Fathers around us too – not our natural fathers but mentors, friends, leaders that pour into our lives, encourage and support us. My old boss is one of these. He took a young team under his wing, gave us the opportunities of a lifetime, believed in us, encouraged us. He was as interested in our lives as he was in the work that we had to do. If someone needed help – he was the first to step in and offer assistance. I remember being in a meeting once and watch him walk past the meeting room with one of the Accounts clerks, a coat hanger in his hand – she’d locked her keys in the car and to him she turned for help. If you wanted anything duty free when he was travelling, no problem he’d pick it up.

To this day, some 7 years after I left working for him we still keep in touch. In fact he’s the link keeping the old guard together. Years later, we’ve all moved on to other organisations, but you can still pick up the phone and have a catch up with him. We all do.

So tomorrow if you’re celebrating Father’s Day, think about the other Fathers in your life as well and let them know how much you appreciate them too. Actually, even it isn’t Father’s Day in your part of the world – let the Dads know they’re appreciated.

Happy Father’s Day!




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