Life Lessons

The Real Clark Kent


According to the conversation between my sons, the “real” Clark Kent goes to our church. As an avid Superman fan, my 6 year old was excited to meet and to talk to the “real” Clark Kent. But I’ll let you in on a secret, he’s not the real Clark Kent. He’s a friend who with his new glasses can pull off the Clark Kent look exceedingly well. Successfully enough to convince my son. An indepth conversation (mainly one-sided) ensued as my son upskilled Clark Kent on Superman and his “special” abilities! 

It’s a humourous but true portrayal of community life. In a community we all have the opportunity to be heroes – super heroes for the children around us. Whether they are nieces or nephews, pupils, friends of your children, children in church, there are children looking up at us  – looking for role models, looking for heroes. And while I’m not suggesting that we adopt a super hero persona (with the exception of our “real” Clark Kent, because he’s fantastic!), we can encourage them in their endeavours, we can show them what they can achieve, we can coach them. And we can lift them onto our shoulders and let them go further and higher than us.

So take a look around you – you just never know – you could be a hero to someone. Please don’t disappoint, our Clark Kent certainly hasn’t!


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