Life Lessons

In Darkness

Yes, it's another power cut inspired post! And I promise it is my last, especially now that the issue has been sorted. But on the second night of power cuts, when power had been resumed and then cut again, there was a randomness to the houses left in darkness. Driving the streets, there were pockets of houses… Continue reading In Darkness

Life Lessons

The Real Clark Kent

According to the conversation between my sons, the “real” Clark Kent goes to our church. As an avid Superman fan, my 6 year old was excited to meet and to talk to the “real” Clark Kent. But I’ll let you in on a secret, he’s not the real Clark Kent. He’s a friend who with his… Continue reading The Real Clark Kent

Life Lessons

The Village

I love reading novels set in Italy. Novels that describe village life. Nicky Pellegrino is one of my favourite writers and has several based in the region. I love how the village life is described. The Barista knowing the perfect coffee for the day. The descriptions of aromas drifting from the bakeries, the people, the community.… Continue reading The Village

Life Lessons

The Dreamwork Card Community

  It was an insurmountable mountain! The quest to collect "DreamWorks Hero" cards. The cards were part of a Supermarket promotion. For every $20 spent you got 1 mystery card. There were 42 to collect. We were late starters. In fact ironically, I had amassed around 30 cards, but having decided not to collect I… Continue reading The Dreamwork Card Community

Life Lessons · Parenting

It takes a Village

Panic. Sheer panic! The front door closed behind me and I realised my keys to the car and house, my wallet, my phone were inside. I was left outside the house, holding my 12 month old needing to get to school to pick up my newly at school son and I was seriously almost out… Continue reading It takes a Village