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It takes a Village

it takes a village

Panic. Sheer panic! The front door closed behind me and I realised my keys to the car and house, my wallet, my phone were inside. I was left outside the house, holding my 12 month old needing to get to school to pick up my newly at school son and I was seriously almost out of time.

So I ran, baby in arms, down the road, round the corner….to my sister’s house.

I managed to gasp out the significance of why I was red faced and puffing with baby in arms and no car at her front door, and before I knew it we were safe in her car heading to school to collect my 5 year old. Just in time.

One month later. It was pouring with rain but I was inside my car, with my 3 boys, with a flat battery. A phone call to my Dad and once again I was rescued. The hubby left to sort out the flat battery once home from work.

They say it takes a village to raise a family. I’d have to agree. The incidents above aren’t isolated too – there are the unexpected Doctor’s visits, the need to be in 2 places at one situations, the I’ve had a bad night I just need someone to bring me a coffee mornings! It takes a village for sure.

I know I’m blessed to have family living close who help me out of these sticky situations, or who simply provide encouraging support. I have a lovely network of mums (far and near). We get life and encourage each other.

We live in towns and cities now, sometimes barely knowing who our neighbours are but it still takes a village.

We can be that village to those around us. We can look around and see those in our neighbourhood, at our schools, our churches and we can be that Village to them.

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