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A Happy Mother’s Day

Yay – Mother's Day! And that means a treat day for me! A sleep-in and new slippers! Yes it is the simple things in life! It would be fair though to say that Mother's Day has different connotations for each of us. For some it’s all about some time to sleep in, breakfast in bed… Continue reading A Happy Mother’s Day

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It takes a Village

Panic. Sheer panic! The front door closed behind me and I realised my keys to the car and house, my wallet, my phone were inside. I was left outside the house, holding my 12 month old needing to get to school to pick up my newly at school son and I was seriously almost out… Continue reading It takes a Village

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Living a Legacy

We are daughters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, neighbours, co-workers, friends and wives...but in any of these capacities we are able to mother. In whatever stage of life we are in, whether we are a mother or not, we have a wonderful opportunity to live our lives as a legacy for the next generation. I'm so thankful for… Continue reading Living a Legacy

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Not all Superheroes wear capes

A day hardly goes by in my household without a child running around my house dressed as Batman, Superman or some other superhero. In fact, in the recent school holidays we had many a trip to a playground with the boys dressed up as Batman, Superman and a Spiderman/Batman mash! All the Superheroes have some amazing… Continue reading Not all Superheroes wear capes