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Not all Superheroes wear capes


A day hardly goes by in my household without a child running around my house dressed as Batman, Superman or some other superhero. In fact, in the recent school holidays we had many a trip to a playground with the boys dressed up as Batman, Superman and a Spiderman/Batman mash!

All the Superheroes have some amazing defining power – strength, x-ray vision, web making hands, a utility belt! One thing they all have in common though seems to be their boundless, relentless energy in their pursuit of the bad guys! Now if I could get me some of that…..

I don’t have x-ray vision – but my kids think I have eyes in the back of my head. I don’t have a utility belt but I would say that my handbag might just equal it with the menagerie of stuff that is in it and what I can pull out of it to entertain and even feed a child (the bag is yellow too….)! As for strength – lifting and carrying a 20 kilo child is significant. Builders visit chiropractors for injuries for lifting less. And the multi-tasking that goes along with family life – remembering items for the food shop, children play dates, soccer times, school events etc – should definitely make the list of super powers!

I may not be donning a Superwoman costume, but I am one! All us mums are!

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