Be Kind

Last night at a conference, I was struck by the line in a song – ‘Your heart is kind.” Our God is a kind God. He treats us with kindness. He continually demonstrates kindness to us.

How precious is your lovingkindness, O God! (Psalm 36:7)
For His lovingkindness is great toward us, and the truth of the Lord is everlasting. (Psalm 117:2)

The irony though, is that often we aren’t kind to ourselves. We berate ourselves for having not met goals that we’ve set. We judge ourselves continually on our performance, whether it be on parenting, careers, relationships, health. We remember more often the failures, the bad and not the good.

The negative thoughts I entertain about myself are not from God. They’re from me! It’s me that is beating up and criticising on me!! Thoughts like “You should be doing more as a parent, you messed up by having that morning tea, you should be praying more….” can take a hold of us. The list can go on and on. Relentless in its barrage of failures and wrongs.

God though, He looks at me with kindness. He sees where I am trying. And more importantly, He loves me nonetheless.

Be kind to yourself. Take a break, have a kit kat!