Life Lessons

A Little Sparkle


I’m not sure if it is because the Holiday Season is almost upon us or if there is some other nebulous reason, but my machine generated car park tickets currently have a glittery, shimmery trim to them. I like to think that someone somewhere decided to put just a little bit of sparkle in us car park users’ days!

Someone once wrote “she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.” It’s good to add a little sparkle, a little light to someone’s day. A smile, a laugh, a kind word or deed. Better yet to add a bit of eternity. That’s what we get to do as Christians. We carry the Spirit of God within us, and as we interact with the world around us we have the privilege to reveal Him. The resurrection power of our Lord Jesus can manifest through us to touch others. We can shift the atmosphere around us – where we work, when we are with friends and family, in the shopping centre….As with the Apostle Peter – he radiated the glory of God so much that people were healed through his shadow! I think that’s one big trail of sparkle!

When we let the joy of what God has done for us radiate out of us, we leave a little sparkle wherever we go.



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