Christmas Lights


Christmas time it seems the ordinary becomes special. Lights on Christmas trees sparkle in darkened rooms. Houses glimmer with fairy lights like diamonds on a crown. Candles in Churches glow in warmth.

Light it seems is an important part of celebrating Christmas. Just as it was on that very first Christmas. A star in the sky guided Wise men to the baby Jesus. Shepherds were greeted by a shining angelic display in the night sky bringing the great news of the birth of Jesus.

But Christmas is not just celebrating the birth of a baby. Christmas is celebrating how God came to earth to dwell among us as a man. It is the beginning of an incredible journey of reconciliation, hope and love by our God. You see, the baby in the manger grew to become a man – but no ordinary man. He came to bring us life. He came to bring forgiveness. And ultimately He came to lay down His life for us and vanquish death by rising from the dead.

Jesus came to be the light in our darkness. Light is needed when there is darkness, for darkness always flees before light. Just as a night light dispels shadows that scare, Jesus came to be the Light of the World where hopelessness, fear, worry and anxiety abound.

He said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:14)

Christmas celebrates the most ultimate gift possible – God coming to earth as man. Christmas is us remembering that Jesus came down to our earth to be our hope and our Saviour – to be the Light of the World.

But unlike the Christmas tree lights that all too soon will be packed away for another year, Jesus is our Light forever. He goes beyond Christmas Day and into eternity. For the day after Christmas and the days that follow – He is there to be your hope, your Saviour, your light.

The question is – are we allowing Jesus – the eternal Christmas light, in our lives today?

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