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Little boy, big faith


An excited son arrived at the car after school. His wiggly tooth had fallen out! He reached into his pocket to show me, and his happy face fell as he realised that he had lost it. Running down the hill from school to meet me, it had fallen out.

What to do? I saw his eyes begin to fill with tears, so quickly suggested that perhaps we should walk back up the hill to school gate looking for it. I must say I held little hope of finding the tooth, and this was merely to placate him. I knew it would be no mean feat discovering the tooth on the long path he had just run down.

As it turned out, it was like a salmon going upstream as children and parents poured down the hill. Did I mention it was also an uncannily windy day, so the probability of the tiny tissue wrapped tooth being blown onto the road or under a car was high. Nonetheless we perservered, gathering younger brother enroute, all the while looking for the elusive tiny piece of tissue with a tooth inside.

Nearing the school gate, just as I was about to turn back, a glimpse of white caught my eye, and yes the tooth was found! Phew – crisis avoided. And then my son said something that undid me. “Oh yay, I prayed to God that we would find it.” My seven year old, in the midst of his disappointment and sadness, had prayed to God to help find the precious tooth. And on finding it, the first thanks went to God too.  His prayer and faith is now part of his testimony of God hearing and answering prayers.

Finding a little tooth wrapped in a little piece of tissue on a hill outside of a school….a miracle I say!

Little boy, big Faith!

It reminds me of another little boy. One who had faith to surrender his lunch to Jesus. Knowing how hungry little boys get, I am sure that this was not an easy sacrifice. He would have not known what would be done with his lunch. Could he have foreseen 5000 being fed? I think not. But he knew it was best to be in the hands of Jesus and he had enough faith to do that. His sacrifice is forever now the miracle of the feeding of the 5000.

Little boy, big faith!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (Philippians 4:6)

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