Life Lessons

Couched in Grace


My boys love family movie night. They love choosing which seat or couch to be snuggled in along with pillows and blankets. Regardless of the movie – that’s their most fun right there! There’s something to be said about the coziness of a couch, where you feel almost hugged by its warmth and comfort while at the same time provided with support. It’s one of my favourite parts of movie night too! Being couched in comfort is deliciousness itself!

In life we are always couched in grace. God’s grace. His grace is surrounding us – always. In a season of change, in a time of transition or trial even, if we look we will find that God’s hand – His grace, has been on our situation the whole time, even if we are unaware. We are surrounded, always, by His grace. In hindsight it is easy to see what He has done. But as you walk through challenging days it is often hard to remember that is indeed the case. Sometimes we just need to pay attention and look a little closer.

I was reminded of this just recently. In a challenging moment, when my heart cried out to God, He enveloped me with His grace. In that exact moment as I was grasping to pull myself out of a place of discouragement, when I was feeling that it was all beyond me, an email arrived. And it arrived with a word that spoke directly to my situation. Before I had uttered my heart’s cry, God was already on my case providing grace and encouragement for my situation from another precious person. A gracious reminder that God is in control.

Couched in His care for us. Sometimes, we just need to look around. The evidence is there. Grace is there.

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