Life Lessons

Stepping Out

I'm not particularly gifted in hospitality. Actually the word "particularly" is probably superfluous to that statement! I once famously kept a friend of my flatmate's on our doorstep for over an hour before it dawned on my that maybe I should invite the poor guy in. And maybe when I did I should have offered him… Continue reading Stepping Out

Life Lessons · Scripture

Daily Grace

It's tempting, habitual even, to worry about what is ahead. Sometimes about what is happening tomorrow, next week or even next year. We can worry about work, about events coming up, changes that are to happen. We can worry as to how we will cope - or will we cope? Will God give us strength and grace to… Continue reading Daily Grace

Quiet Times

The tranquillity of His grace

"My life is in the tranquillity of your grace" - These are the translated words from a line in a Tongan hymn that captivated me at church and had me rummaging around in my handbag for a pen and paper to scribble them down. All the while tears were streaming down my cheeks as the anointing fell.… Continue reading The tranquillity of His grace

Life Lessons

Couched in Grace

My boys love family movie night. They love choosing which seat or couch to be snuggled in along with pillows and blankets. Regardless of the movie – that’s their most fun right there! There’s something to be said about the coziness of a couch, where you feel almost hugged by its warmth and comfort while… Continue reading Couched in Grace

Life Lessons · Quiet Times

Grace in the Pace

I could hazard a guess that if I were to ask how you were the word “busy” would appear at some point in your answer. It seems to be the default answer nowadays and almost what we are expected to say. Busy means successful and fulfilled right? We wear the “busy” like a badge of honour… Continue reading Grace in the Pace

Life Lessons

Rhythms of Grace

The Waterfront on Tamaki Drive is a gorgeous and popular place to go for a walk. Stunning views across the harbour, Pohutukawa trees providing as much beauty as shade, a fresh sea breeze. As I head into work on the early morning commute I can’t help but envy those out taking advantage of our clear… Continue reading Rhythms of Grace

Life Lessons · Parenting

Good Mum, Bad Mum…

Remember the "He loves me, He loves me not" game with a daisy that you'd do? Pulling a petal off one by one to see if it ended with "He loves' me or "He loves me not." It struck me today that it's something we can also play with our lives. Maybe it's the "Good mum,… Continue reading Good Mum, Bad Mum…


The Dawn of Grace

For my children (and for me!), Christmas morning heralded the receiving of presents. Gorgeously wrapped presents under the tree so quickly unwrapped and the contents displayed. The morning was filled with excited oohs and aaahs and definitely the odd shriek or two. It is in this sharing of gifts that we are encouraged to remember the greatest… Continue reading The Dawn of Grace

Life Lessons · Parenting

Beneath the bed

It was time for the boys to tidy their bedrooms. And surprisingly quickly, my 6 year olds' room was transformed into a tidy oasis. Everything off the floor, bed made. I was very happy. That is until closer inspection I realised that the toys on the floor had been conveniently shoved under the bed. Dirty laundry was… Continue reading Beneath the bed