Quiet Times

The tranquillity of His grace


“My life is in the tranquillity of your grace” –

These are the translated words from a line in a Tongan hymn that captivated me at church and had me rummaging around in my handbag for a pen and paper to scribble them down. All the while tears were streaming down my cheeks as the anointing fell. True I read the translated words on the screen but the language of the spirit is universal and listening to the harmonious arcapella worship of the Tongan family, as a church, we entered into the presence of God.

Tranquillity – calmness, peace, serenity. When we surrender our lives to the Lord we find ourselves surrounded by His grace. Within that grace is peace,  serenity and there is tranquillity. God’s grace provides us the calm within the storm. It is the still waters, it is the banquet in the presence of our enemies. It is our comfort. Fear does not exist in God’s grace, nor anxiety. Tranquillity though is found.


2 thoughts on “The tranquillity of His grace

  1. 💕 to stand in His Annointing – what a privilege. It was indeed a beautiful time of Worship calling us quietly to surrender afresh our lives to Gods Perfect Way. Amen

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