In the shadows I’ll sing – {Lent}

It would have been easy to join in, to get excited at Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Everyone would have been participating, shouting out accolades, receiving Jesus as King. What a parade, what joy. Yet within the week we know that it all changed. The crowd worked up again into a frenzy this time though to… Continue reading In the shadows I’ll sing – {Lent}


Heart of our God

Because sometimes you just find yourself singing your old school song and wondering why after all theses years it has surfaced from the recesses of your mind. And then you start to ponder on the words and the meaning within of the song so earnestly sung for so long. "Heart of our God, most deep adoring love,… Continue reading Heart of our God

Faith · Lent

Put your hand in the hand – {Lent}

Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the waters Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea Unexpectedly, during Church, the song "Put your hand in the hand" dropped into my mind. A song I haven't heard or sung for many years. But as I began to sing… Continue reading Put your hand in the hand – {Lent}

Ponderances · Quotables

Be Thou My Vision

It's a famous hymn, it's origins dating back to Ireland some 1500 years ago. Believed to have been written by an Irish poet, St Dalian who had lost his sight and his lost vision inspired the opening line - "Be thou my vision, oh Lord of my heart." But does this hymn, this prayer have an application to us… Continue reading Be Thou My Vision

Quiet Times

The tranquillity of His grace

"My life is in the tranquillity of your grace" - These are the translated words from a line in a Tongan hymn that captivated me at church and had me rummaging around in my handbag for a pen and paper to scribble them down. All the while tears were streaming down my cheeks as the anointing fell.… Continue reading The tranquillity of His grace