The Dawn of Grace


For my children (and for me!), Christmas morning heralded the receiving of presents. Gorgeously wrapped presents under the tree so quickly unwrapped and the contents displayed. The morning was filled with excited oohs and aaahs and definitely the odd shriek or two. It is in this sharing of gifts that we are encouraged to remember the greatest gift of all – Jesus.

On that first Christmas morning, all those many years ago, Christmas heralded a gift, that for a time most of the world was oblivious to – grace. That first Christmas was the dawn of grace – God’s grace. And while it would take a further 33 years to outwork with Jesus’ life on earth and His crucifixion, death and resurrection, it had begun with His birth.

Grace – the unmerited favour of God. Undeserved and unearned. Through Jesus we receive God’s greatest act of grace – salvation and from it eternal life. How amazing, how wonderful. And once again I find myself turning to the words of a song to communicate the wonder of this gift of grace.

Wonderful grace
That gives what I don’t deserve
Gives me what Christ has earned
And lets me go free

Wonderful grace
That gives me the time to change
Washes away the stain
That once covered me

And all that I have
I lay at the feet
Of the Wonderful Saviour who loves me

(Wonderful Grace)

Wonderful Grace, made possible by the birth of a precious baby – Son of God.


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