Whose side are you leaning on?


There’s a Children’s Church song that’s been on repeat in my head for several days now! It starts with the question “Whose side are you leaning on?” The response is “I’m leaning on the Lord’s side.” Good question to ask oneself! Are we leaning, dependent, trusting on the Lord? Are we leaning on the Lord’s side or on the world’s side? Are we elevating / focusing on God and His promises and truth or are we restricting our lives to the earthy reality? When we lean on the Lord’s side it is when we choose faith over facts. It doesn’t mean that the facts are ignored but that the power of the facts are ignored. Faith transcends reason and allows God into the equation. As Christine Caine wrote it is about being expectant that He can and will do the impossible.

“Whose side are you leaning on?
I’m leaning on the Lord’s side
I lean, I lean, I lean, I lean
I’m leaning on the Lord’s side”




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