The room was gloomy in the morning. Like a blanket the gloom slipped over me too. Everything felt dreary and depressing. The luminous colour of life had gone. Dullness left in its place. But then I opened the curtains and the early morning sun and light blazed in. The sunlight outside beckoning joy and life. Colour returned.

I am reminded of the saying  “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind.” I let the rays of sunlight warm my face, but more importantly I turned my soul towards Jesus. Circumstances didn’t change, but I was strengthened by His grace, the shadows of life that threatened to overwhelm fell behind. .

Colour returned to the world around me. Indeed life returned.

“You called, you cried, you shattered my deafness. You sparkled, you blazed, you drove away my blindness. You shed your fragrance, and I drew in my breath and I pant for you.” (St Augustine)