Life Lessons

The Heart of a Champion


There wasn’t much about this horse to distinguish itself from others. He was rather nondescript. An ordinary racehorse. Yet in 1973 this horse named Secretariat came out of obscurity to win three main races known as the Triple Crown. Setting new track records in winning these races, he became one of the greatest race horses of all time. At one of the races his performance was so awe inspiring that it stunned the world, and even today remains a notable feat. Phrases like “to watch him run was like a supernatural event” were common. The commentator at the time was reported to say “An amazing, unbelievable performance by this miracle horse.”

What no one knew though was that Secretariat had a secret. One that was only discovered after his death. An autopsy revealed that the horse’s heart was precisely 2 ½ times larger than the average horse of his weight. God had given this horse a supernatural heart. He had greater capacity than any other horse in recorded history. His large heart meant that he could sustain a fast pace for much longer than an ordinary horse. He had the heart of champion.

There are many of us that also have the heart of a champion, but for different reasons. Bill Johnson once wrote this – “the heart of a champion is formed in the Presence, but proven in the trial.” All around us are ordinary people with the heart of a champion. People that have faced battles over their health, their finances and relationships. People who have had to deal with terrible loss and heartache. People who as they have undergone challenges and trials in life have revealed hearts of champions. No matter what has happened they have remained strong in their faith. When they could have accused God or walked away from Him they have chosen to honour Him and to keep seeking His face.

They make a living sacrifice of their lives today. In other words, ordinary people living extraordinary lives for our God.

May we be found to have the heart of a champion.


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