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Celebrating Oscar

Today. 21st March 2017. World Down Syndrome Day.

A year ago I think I barely knew that this day existed. I can vaguely remember seeing sweet smiling faces across my television screen. But they weren’t one of my boys. It wasn’t part of my world. Then a mere few weeks later, having just given birth, the words Down Syndrome were spoken about my little baby, the one I had yet to even hold in my arms. As those words swirled around me it felt like my heart broke into a million tiny little pieces.

Since that moment though, it has been a year of discovery. Of learning that there is nothing to fear and that love indeed drives out fear. That there is more hope than despair. More to celebrate than to mourn,  more moments to savour than to regret. More joy than sadness.

Thank you to Oscar’s brothers – your sheer joy and excitement over your new baby brother helped my heart begin to be pieced back together. Now, each and every day I get to see your unconditional love for him demonstrated by hugs and yes sometimes over exuberant affection.

To the thousands of families and people with Down Syndrome who have gone before, thank you! You have made our road so much easier. The battles you have won and paths you have forged have become our inheritance. So much of the care we receive today is because of you. You are our inspiration!

To Oscar. My brave and joyful one. You have certainly brought the x factor to our lives. Your gorgeous personality makes an impact on everyone you meet. Your chuckles fill our home. We treasure the love you bring. You know no limits. You are my little warrior.

Our lives are richer, fuller and blessed with you in our lives.

#nothingdownaboutit #worlddownsyndromeday2017 #downsyndrome

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Oscar

  1. I love this Pip!!! Such precious words about your precious family. Thank you for sharing your journey x x

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