What’s Next?


I recently watched a documentary titled “What’s Next”. The show gathered futurists together to discuss, well the future! They looked at the political and economic impact on society. On technology, on weather. All to predict what life is going to be like and what we need to do to prepare.

Interesting. Somewhat scary! In a plant that vegetable garden now kind of way! But while we do need to be wise, to prepare and plan for the future, we also need to keep our trust in God.

And sometimes we can be too focused on the future – our future hopes and dreams, fears of what tomorrow holds – that we forget to enjoy today and give thanks to God for the present.

‘But if the future is not in my hands, then I have all the more reason to stay in the present and give honour and glory to God from where I am, trusting that God is the God of life who makes everything new.” (Henri Nouwen)


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