The darker the night,
The brighter the day,
The fiercer the fight,
The stronger the faith,
So I place my hope in You

Sometimes in life we are dealt an unfair hand. We may be treated unjustly, hurt. Or we are facing a situation beyond our control, that we are powerless to impact. We can feel that the night is dark, the fight fierce as Kristene DiMarco puts it so well in her song Redemption.

But we have God. And God can break into our circumstances like the sun breaks into the night.

I faced a situation at work, an unjust one. There was nothing to do but to step aside and to take my hurt and disappointment to God. God is the God of Justice, so I prayed that in this situation justice would be done. Within twelve months, to the very day, night turned to day. Restoration took place.

And I am reminded again that we serve a good, gracious and just God. Whatever you are facing, that seems insurmountable, that seems like a done deal, remember, God is the God of Justice and can break through into any situation.

“He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the goodness of God.’ (Psalm 33:5)




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