God’s got this


Glancing through a children’s book on Easter, was a page that said “Jesus had to know betrayal , fear, loneliness, hurt, all the painful feelings that people experience, so that in the future, His Spirit could be with us, comforting us in our fear, loneliness and pain. That is why we call the day of his death GOOD Friday.”

I loved how it said that. So many times we can feel that nobody else is going through what we’re going through, feeling what we’re feeling. But Jesus went through it all and understands! Furthermore, by taking all our pain, hurts and sins with Him on the cross we are have access to hope, reassurance of that which is to come. Healing. Restoration. Fullness of life. The price has been paid. The work finished. We don’t have to do life alone, the Holy Spirit is there to bring us comfort when we need.

Whatever you are going through, know this, God’s got you and is with you all the time!

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