Threads of Faith


Easter is a great time for traditions. The eating of hot cross buns on Good Friday, telling the story of Easter through resurrection eggs. Going to church and yes consuming chocolate eggs. It’s a time as a family when there are many conversations about Jesus and how He died for us. Conversations of Heaven, of faith.

I remember the Easters of my childhood. The oven that kept hot cross buns warm all day long, the fish pie on Good Friday, watching a movie of Jesus (or not watching in my case as it was too sad!). Crowding into a wooden pew in a country church on Easter Sunday while my father took the service.

These memories are woven into my life and faith. But so to are the everyday demonstrations of faith. Memories of my mother getting us out of bed to listen to a worship song she’d excitedly requested on radio (well before the days of spotify), or my father busy writing his sermon but still graciously pausing to listen to whatever was worrying us until we had run out of words. These are the threads of authenticity, of hearts that were and are still turned towards God. These and many other examples demonstrated daily the authenticity of their faith and the reality of Jesus in their lives. Threads that I was able to grasp onto and weave into my own life.

The shiny easter egg wrappings get cast aside and we move back into the everyday. But it is in the everyday that we have the most opportunity to share our faith. It is in our everyday that our light shines and we leave threads of faith for others.


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