Grit & Grace

“The greatest triumphs in our lives sometimes occur when the circumstances seem to be hardest” Nicky Gumbel

Let’s face it. Life throws all things at us. The unexpected, the hard and the challenging. In essence – the grit of life. And there’s nothing alluring, pleasant or beautiful in grit. But it is the grit that creates the pearl. With the grace of God it can become beautiful, reflecting life and love.

Even though you may not always see it, God is working things out for you. He’s taking the grit of your life and transforming it into something beautiful. He wants to take the painful moments, the years of sacrifice and the missed chances in your life and turn them into new opportunities—full of promise and purpose. God will turn them all for good.

When we go through challenging times, there is treasure for us. God takes the darkness of pain in our lives to make something extraordinarily beautiful. In the dark places of brokenness, heartbreak, and loss God brings forth His light and the darkness flees. He brings His healing and His peace.

And if we but look, we will see touches of His grace everywhere.

He takes the grit and creates the pearl.

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