After the Storm

I love heading to the beach after a storm. I love scavenging along the shore line looking for treasure that the storm has revealed. There is always something to be discovered. Yesterday’s find was kauri gum. A childhood favourite beach find. Hidden amongst seaweed and pine cones I almost missed it. But sure enough, as soon as I picked it up, its lightness and the familiar smell of the gum let me know I had found some.

In life, after we have been through a hard time, it’s hard to think that’s there is any good to be found, let alone treasure. But if we look for it, we will find nuggets of gold for us. These treasures are the deeper revelations of God’s goodness, His grace and His love for us. They’re the testimonies that point to His hand. And sometimes they’re only seen after the storm has ended. They’re treasures that we can carry with us as we journey on in life.

Remember the rainbow is a treasure after a storm.

2 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. Beautiful post. Love the rocks on the beach. Yes, we see a lot after the storm – we also realize that God is always with us during the storm – to help us get through the trials and tribulations. Always think of God’s promise when I see a rainbow.

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