In life I think we can sometimes rationalise why we don’t need to take action. Logical and sensible reasons for inaction. Going through the McDonald’s drive-through today provided me with one of those moments. A man was standing at the end of the drive thru with a sign begging for change for food. Someone, to be honest, I would normally ignore. And as it was all I had was 20 cents. That was the extent of my loose coins. But as it was, I gave it to him.

His reply, “thank you ma’am.”

I drove off, realised I had not been given the sweet & sour sauce specifically requested by one of my boys and turned around. So a second time through the drive-through and a second time past the man begging.

At the intercom I requested the sauce and ordered a cheeseburger combo. I paid, collected my order and as I past the man for the second time, I gave him the meal. His reply, same as before, “thank you ma’am.”

And with that I drove off.

In the rear vision mirror I could see him still begging, not opening the bag. There was no great joy, no amazing testimony unfolding. No story worth retelling, but for the lesson I learnt.

I could have not given him food for so many reasons. For lack of money to spare, for assuming his motives weren’t genuine and he didn’t really need food. For knowing that McDonald’s may not want begging to be encouraged on their land.

So many reasons. But when the farmers sows the seed it doesn’t all land on the best soil. But he doesn’t stop sowing. And it’s not so much about what the person does, but what our heart says to do.

I don’t know this man’s story. I don’t know whether I was an answer to prayer for lunch that day or if I was simply conned and the food went to waste. But what I do know with that second drive through, I put my faith in action. To follow the prompting of my heart and not my mind.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” Matthew 25:35

3 thoughts on “Seed

  1. Good on you Pip, that what God holds us accountable for… doing as we feel led by him.

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  2. It is hard to know whether to help someone or not anymore. There are so many scammers in this world, but I often give to someone holding a sign. I have given money or food and have seen mixed reactions. But as you, I did my part and that is all I could do. Enjoyed your post.

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