Grace, grace, grace!

We’ve been in a season of transition. This week I begin a new job. Oscar starts school. (That simple sentence itself belies the work, preparation, anxious moments and the jitters to get to this point!)

These milestones for both Oscar and I are momentous to say the least. A lot of focus, assessments, meetings and interviews have occurred to reach here. It has been intense. But we have not been alone during this transition – Oscar certainly has a huge team behind him and I am grateful for my cheerleaders as I step up into my new role.

More importantly this whole season of transition has been couched by grace. God has continually nudged us with hope and encouragement. Steps during the journey to this point were punctuated by His presence. On the day I received the job offer I had travelled to and from Tauranga. The whole trip down was filled with rainbows. So magnificent that at times I pulled over to capture on camera. Oscar’s first school was perfect and felt magical with the welcome he received from teachers and students alike.

There’s a song that has the line “It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by You.” No matter how hard this season has felt at times I know that God has been with us and will be with us as we step into this new season.

It is with confidence that I can say that “I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future.” We’ve got this, because God has us.

So as my teenager would say…lessgo!

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