Emergency Confetti

My 8-year-old kid in the car today: “Do you want me to throw the confetti in my pocket?” Me: ‘No, not in the car! Why do you have confetti in your pocket?” My Kid: “It’s my emergency confetti, I carry it everywhere in case there’s good news.”


Here today in Auckland, New Zealand, it feels like it’s time to break out the emergency confetti as we move from Alert Level 4 down to Level 3. The taste of good barista coffee is tantalisingly close!

This kid (not one of mine, although contents of their pockets have also sometimes led to the peculiar as became apparent going through airport security one time), has the right idea. Ready to celebrate at the slightest hint, the smallest win.

As Christians though, we have cause to celebrate everyday. No matter our circumstances, through everything God cares for us. And with Christ, life becomes a celebration of what God has done, is doing and is yet to do. We have hope for the future because we have God. This is our reason for celebrating life each and everyday. And definitely cause to be breaking out the emergency confetti with some regularity.

Look for the reason in everyday to celebrate God at work in our lives, to be aware of His presence, to appreciate the expressions of his beauty through creation.

You have rescued me! I will celebrate and shout, singing praise to you with all my heart.

Psalm 71:23

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