Christmas is when God broke through. He broke through the silence that had lasted centuries. He broke through the impossible, to make a way home for us.

The birth of Jesus brought hope to the world. Light where there was none. His birth of Jesus was the fulfilment of God’s promise of a Messiah.

Through the birth of Jesus we find the hope that sustains us through the challenges of life. We find the strength to keep going, to keep travelling, much like the Magi did. Knowing that He has made a way through the hard times.

At Christmas, we remember that God broke through. And we are reminded that He is still in the business of breaking through. Bringing answers when we think there is none, miracles when we face the impossible and the fulfilment of promises He has made.

For those of us who are waiting for or needing a breakthrough, let us be reminded at Christmas that we cause for hope. And that our pain, our waiting can be the stable that the Saviour of the world makes His appearance.

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