The Hardest Day

Holy Week is such a journey of extremes. And while it starts the with the exuberance and praise of a crowd welcoming their King, the week quickly takes a brutal turn. Betrayal and violence, pain and death take centre stage.

It’s tempting to rush through to Easter Sunday, to the triumph of life over death, to the joy of Jesus’ resurrection. But pausing on Good Friday holds so much for our lives today.

Good Friday was full of pain, loneliness, devastation, brokenness and darkness. Why pause here when the good news is just around the corner?

Why? Because we all encounter our Good Friday. In our lives we have hard seasons, pain, heartache, loss. Death. Where light, life and hope seems to have been extinguished from our day. But the good news of Resurrection Sunday is rooted in the darkness and brutality of Good Friday. Redemption is messy and hard. But Jesus meets us in the painful, in the hard and let’s us know it is not the end of our story. Just like it was not the end of His.

As we walk through our Good Friday , our pain, our hard days, Jesus whispers hope and life. Our life does not end on a Good Friday. He steps into our darkness with His light. He points us to Sunday and redemption.

Sunday is coming.

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