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"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." (Luke 2:19) It was certainly a remarkable time for Mary. A visitation from an Angel. A baby, son of God foretold and then born. Wisemen and Shepherds gathering to worship her newborn son. Declarations over a little Jesus by Simeon and Anna. Extraordinary experiences. Noteworthy. There were "crumbs… Continue reading Ponderances


Believe. – {Christmas}

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!" (Luke 1:45) With the trend to Word Art, at Christmas time it is not unusual to see displays of the words joy, love, hope, peace. There is also another word that makes its appearance - believe. It's included in the… Continue reading Believe. – {Christmas}


I choose…joy – {Advent}

Attending a wedding recently, I loved the vows written by the Bride and Groom. "I choose you above all others, I choose to love you, I choose to grow old with you..." Beautifully vows expressing their choice, their decision to marry each other. Everyday we make thousands of choices. Some small and rather insignificant - what shoes to… Continue reading I choose…joy – {Advent}


Abide with us – {Advent}

It's that time of year where most workplaces or social groups are engaging in Secret Santas. Those fun occasions when you pick a present and have no idea whether you'd end up with a beautiful Christmas decoration or a christmas collar for a cat (that you do not have...), or even a bag of manure (which as… Continue reading Abide with us – {Advent}


Exceedingly Great Joy – {Advent}

Every morning since the 1st December, three, often bleary eyed, very excited boys have made their way downstairs to open their Advent Calendar. And yes somewhat motivated by the chocolate treat hidden behind. A picture of expectant joy of the boys beneath the Christmas tree opening the day's Advent window. Yet this is just a shadow, a fleeting… Continue reading Exceedingly Great Joy – {Advent}


Christmas Lights – {Advent}

If there is one thing I love about Christmas, it's the lights! The lights on houses, on trees - inside and out! Darkened houses transform into beautiful luminescent displays. This year I may have gone a little overboard with the lights in our home. The boys all have Christmas Lights strung across their windows, the tree… Continue reading Christmas Lights – {Advent}


Making Room – {Advent}

My family is in a season of great anticipation as we look forward to the birth of a baby next year. For the boys the excitement turned into plans as they put forward their ideas of what we could do to prepare for the baby's arrival. A cardboard box was found and a tea towel laid in… Continue reading Making Room – {Advent}

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The Christmas Bucket

Yes I know, Christmas is long gone and everyone's Christmas trees are packed away (I hope!). In saying that, I did buy a Christmas Decoration today, and come to think of it last week as well! Too early to be talking about Christmas 2015?! But actually it is Christmas 2014 that I want to revisit. You… Continue reading The Christmas Bucket