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The Handbag Debacle


I love handbags! Love them! I must confess I have several….well many would be correct. On a business trip to Kuala Lumpa my boss and I hit the markets on the day we were flying home. The markets were easily 80% full of bags. We had a fantastic time. Not sure what my husband thought though when I opened my suitcase and all you could see were handbags.

Recently though my handbag was giving me much stress and frustration. It was a great looking black bag with several compartments. In fact when I was travelling recently it was the perfect bag with a compartment for my passport and another one for phone and wallet etc. But back home to everyday life and it just gave me stress! My phone would ring and I would not be able to find it in my handbag even though my phone is yellow! I’d go to find my wallet and have the same problem. And don’t mention trying to find what compartment I’d shoved my keys into! It seemed to be the perfect bag for attracting squashed raisins from my toddler and amassing “stuff” that I couldn’t even remember how or why it got into my bag!

So in an effort to recover my equilibrium and my sanity the handbag was donated and another one much simpler has taken its place (from my wardrobe of course).

Something has to be said for the simpler life! Far too often we lug around stresses in the form of handbags or other that quite easily we could remove / reorganise / declutter from and be all the more free.

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