Tangible Peace

An overnight email highlighted an issue with an international consignment. And in an instant I was stressed, heart racing, anxiety through the roof. Dealing with resolving the issue, while organising kids for kindy and school. Thoughts of 'I can't do this anymore", thoughts of "how will I get through this?" And to be honest I… Continue reading Tangible Peace

Life Lessons

A Cup of Peace

It had been one of "those" parenting days. Being asked to meet with the teacher, finding nits in your son's hair (eek!) and the added concern of transitioning a child to a new kindergarten. That and a few other curve balls were making me feel quite overwhelmed and stressed. As I reached into the cupboard… Continue reading A Cup of Peace

Life Lessons

If Stress is Contagious then….

According a team of psychologists from St Louis University, stress is as contagious as the common cold. Apparently this is through the conveying of stress through tone of voice, facial expressions and posture. As people perceive the stress of another, they themselves "catch" the stress. If stress is contagious, other internal realities must also be contagious. A… Continue reading If Stress is Contagious then….

Life Lessons

The boiled egg debacle

Well it turned out that after throwing a party for my husband, celebrating 2 of my sons' birthdays and organising a Women's breakfast all in the same week, it was an innocent boiled egg that was almost my undoing. Oldest son needed a boiled egg for school yesterday. I diligently boiled the egg the day before. Placed it in… Continue reading The boiled egg debacle

Declutter · Life Lessons

The Handbag Debacle

I love handbags! Love them! I must confess I have several....well many would be correct. On a business trip to Kuala Lumpa my boss and I hit the markets on the day we were flying home. The markets were easily 80% full of bags. We had a fantastic time. Not sure what my husband thought… Continue reading The Handbag Debacle