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If Stress is Contagious then….


According a team of psychologists from St Louis University, stress is as contagious as the common cold. Apparently this is through the conveying of stress through tone of voice, facial expressions and posture. As people perceive the stress of another, they themselves “catch” the stress.

If stress is contagious, other internal realities must also be contagious. A person who is angry, worried or negative can also impact the atmosphere around them and by default also impact people. Who hasn’t spent time with someone who is down for some reason and ended up in the same frame of mind?

If stress is contagious – if that internal reality can then influence the external reality around us, then surely the living spirit within us must also be contagious? We can impact the world around us through our presence as we broker the reality that we are aware of into our surroundings.

Jesus modelled this after being awakened by His disciples in a life-threatening storm. He stilled the storm with a rebuke and the declaration of “Peace, be still!” (Mark 4:39). What enabled Him to sleep in the storm also calmed the storm when it was released from Him—peace. His internal reality became His external reality. And then it became the external reality of His disciples as they benefited from the calmed storm.

Bill Johnson said this “Your internal reality will always become your external reality.” 

It’s time to make Jesus more contagious than the common cold and certainly more contagious than stress.


4 thoughts on “If Stress is Contagious then….

  1. Love the imagery here and I’ve never thought of this before. Philippa, this was another truly inspired post to give me pause for thought.

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