Love Story – {Easter}

Easter Eggs

Do you have a favourite Easter egg? Perhaps it is the traditional hollow chocolate egg or a marshmallow one or maybe you prefer the caramel centred ones. One thing is for sure, at this time of year you’re spoilt for choice. But while the Chocolateries may think Easter is merely an opportunity to sell large quantities of chocolate shaped into eggs or rabbits and decorated with brightly coloured foil, it is more than that – much more.

 Easter is a time to remember, to celebrate and to be part of the greatest love story of all time.

It begins with Good Friday as we remember the path that Jesus took to His death. From the judgment by Pilate, the floggings, the arduous walk to Calvary, the nailing to the tree, the mocking and insults hurled at Him and ultimately to His death on the Cross.

Yet this terrible day is the greatest day – because it is the day that we were reconciled back to God. What was supposed to be defeat was victory. It is the day when sin lost its power to keep us from the Father who loves us. Good Friday recalls the day that Jesus took your sin and He took my sin and He died on the cross in punishment for it so that we could all live in fellowship and intimacy with God our Father.

“God put on Him the wrong who never did anything wrong, so we could be put right with God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21 Message)

Jesus died when we were still all sinners. He didn’t wait for us to attain perfection, to be good enough to be granted forgiveness or to be worthy of His sacrifice – because we never will be. The old Hymn asks “O who am I, that for my sake, My Lord should take frail flesh, and die?” The answer is He died because He loves us. Easter is part of God’s eternal plan to bring us home and to give us life.

The wonderful thing about Easter is that it doesn’t end with the death of Jesus. On the third day our Lord ROSE again! By this He proved that He is truly God! By rising from the dead He conquered sin and death forever – for eternity – for you! That is what we celebrate!

He is risen! He is alive!
Happy Easter!


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