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You’re doing a grand job!

mothers day

I have a card stuck in my journal. My sister gave it to me a couple of years ago, when we were both with little babies, and toddlers, oh and school age kids too! The card said “We’re in the trenches, but chin up, you’re doing a grand job!”

It gave me hope, encouragement and a boost to keep going. Those early days with babies are glorious, precious times. The first smile, the trusting eyes, the delicious look of a baby sound asleep. They are also challenging times. The getting through the busy day with little ones fuelled by coffee and little sleep.

I’ve made jelly for visitors that hasn’t set. I’ve spent a morning at a mall wearing my jacket inside out. I’ve driven off without the stroller (luckily baby was in the car). Left the garage door up all night and even managed to over boil the eggs I was cooking for an easy dinner.

Yip, sleep deprivation has a marvellous impact on my ability to function!

This Mother’s Day, yes I want a sleep in, some new slippers and maybe a little bit of pampering! But I always want to celebrate this gift of motherhood with my boys. For those sleepless nights, the tough days in the trenches are worth it for my boys. The joys, the love, affection has enriched my life beyond measure!

I wouldn’t change it a thing! (As long as I get that sleep in!)

Happy Mothers’ Day!





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