There’s something to be said for celebrating! Who doesn’t like a party?! The last week we have been celebrating our little chap winning a baby competition. As a nation we have celebrated winning the America’s Cup! Big celebration that!

These events have been notable, extraordinary and worth the special celebrations. But don’t forget the little celebrations, the little achievements and milestones. (They don’t always mean it’s time for cake!) But in our daily lives it’s good to celebrate the good! To take a step back and enjoy the good things that are going on.

Taking a look at the Bible there are festivals, times for rejoicing, times for the fattened calf! It does something to our soul when we are able to rejoice. In those hard times, the everything seems to be going wrong times, the dark times – search for that glimmer of good, of lovely and celebrate.

My little chap celebrates everyday. When he climbs up or down the stairs, it is time to clap! When the garage door goes up, it means we’re going out and he squeals with excitement.

The laundry pile may be huge, there’s challenges in everyday, but there’s always something to celebrate.


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