Man of Sorrows

The Doctor is back, telling me again that Oscar has Down syndrome – why does she have to keep saying it? She holds Oscar and he roars back at her. That’s my boy. My room is like a train station. So many people, so many tests. I have panic attacks – can’t breathe, feel like I’m going to die – I call on the name of Jesus. The attacks go.

Journal Extract April 2016

Jesus – such a beautiful name. A name that brought me release from panic attacks. A name that brings peace and hope, strength and love. But Jesus is also called the Man of sorrows. A name that has no seeming prestige or power and not a title anyone would aspire to, but yet brings much comfort.

“A man of sorrows, acquainted with grief”

Isaiah 53:3

In our most broken places, the place of our deepest hurts and sorrows, we encounter a God who was broken for us. We can know that we are never alone in our pain for we are met by the Man of sorrows Himself. One who has experienced and endured all the pain. We don’t need to put on a front of being okay or deny our sorrow with Jesus – He understands our pain.

Jesus has entered into every painful and dark place we have ever faced. He takes the pain upon Himself and gives us hope. And He has overcome the darkness and the pain by walking out of the grave. Taking victory over darkness and ensuring that suffering and death do not get the final say.

Jesus – Man of Sorrows – well acquainted with grief, walks alongside each one of us and assures us that we are not alone and that our wounds are not the end, for by His wounds we can be healed.

“Man of Sorrows” What a name for the Son of God who came.”

Hymn – Philip Bliss

What a name indeed.

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