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The Punches of Life

"The goodness of God is challenged everyday with the punches of life" (Havilah Cunnington) Let's face it, some days can be hard and we're left wishing we'd put on boxing gloves to knock back some of the things that have come our way. Some days it can feel we're living on the wrong side of the crucifixion and not… Continue reading The Punches of Life

Life Lessons


My boys love superheroes. If you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, a superhero is often listed amongst the other, well, more ordinary careers. For them the good guy always wins and the bad guys loses. (And yes if you ask them who the best superhero is their answer is Jesus!) It's one… Continue reading Brave.

Life Lessons

The Heart of a Champion

There wasn't much about this horse to distinguish itself from others. He was rather nondescript. An ordinary racehorse. Yet in 1973 this horse named Secretariat came out of obscurity to win three main races known as the Triple Crown. Setting new track records in winning these races, he became one of the greatest race horses of all time. At one of… Continue reading The Heart of a Champion



The room was gloomy in the morning. Like a blanket the gloom slipped over me too. Everything felt dreary and depressing. The luminous colour of life had gone. Dullness left in its place. But then I opened the curtains and the early morning sun and light blazed in. The sunlight outside beckoning joy and life. Colour returned. I am… Continue reading Daylight

Life Lessons

Over the Teacups

Over cups of tea a story of a mountain conquered, a battle won is shared. And as it was quietly told, strength was given and the words "me too" exhaled. Faith is often time fought for in secret, in the quiet. But personal battles,  personal victories can give strength and hope to others. Testimonies of God moving in… Continue reading Over the Teacups