October is World Down Syndrome awareness month. So I wondered if I should write about it. Perhaps share what is medically involved with that extra little chromosome. But that though would just be a list of facts.

And that’s not our story. That’s not a definition of Oscar’s life.

When I was told at Oscar’s birth that he had down syndrome there was a lot that I didn’t know. All I knew were some very limited facts and perceptions, some of them, to be honest, not very encouraging. I jumped straight to all the moments ahead in life where I thought life would be hard for him. I didn’t know what our lives would look like and I was scared.

So yeah, I didn’t know much. I didn’t know about the low muscle tone or that they start walking later than most babies. I didn’t know about the hospital appointments that would be required and therapy he would need.

But I also didn’t know Oscar.

I didn’t know that he would snuggle into you like a koala.

I didn’t know that his smile would light up his whole face and for that matter whatever room he was in.

I didn’t know he would have a great sense of humour.

I didn’t know that he would love books, baths and balls or indeed that bath would be one of his first words.

I didn’t know that he would love the outside and especially having a swing.

I didn’t know that he would love cheese scones.

I didn’t know that he would have sheer grit and determination and would time and time demonstrate that he’s got this.

And I didn’t know that life would continue as normal, as a family enjoying life and having fun, going on adventures and that having Oscar would make the adventures and our lives even more richer.

I didn’t know joy like this.

I didn’t know love like this.